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About the Artist

Sauda A. Zahra

I am a fiber artist who uses a variety of fabrics and recycled materials to create art quilts. My original designs are expressed as narrative, commemorative and improvisional works of art. I distinguish my style by manipulating fabrics, blending found objects and unique embellishments, and hand quilting to construct dimensional designs that conveys my creative voice.

Why I Create

"I believe we are all creative beings who are imbued with unique ways to express our creative gifts. Some people's creative gifts are obvious to them very early and their path toward a creative identify is more direct. Others venture into many creative outlets and explore different artistic mediums before something speaks intimately to their creative souls. I also believe that expressing one's creative self is a gift and a responsibility that each of us owes to the world in which we are blessed to be a part of...and so I quilt."

Artist Statement

Art Life Lines

My desire to express my creativity has been constant throughout my life and has led me to many creative pursuits. My creative journey has intersected with sewing, crewel embroidery, doll making, stained glass, and finally quilting.

My quilting journey began in 1998. I am a self-taught quilter. I draw inspirations from personal experiences, my culture, African American history, women's stories, and anything that sparks my imagination or speaks to my soul. My quilting style moved quickly from traditional to a freestyle approach. This shift gave me creative license to develop original designs that express my love of textiles, color and embellishments, and convey my creative voice. I experiment with different fabrics and embellishments to add unexpected details to my designs and transmit my eclectic style and energy into my artwork. I often incorporate applique, hand quilting and sculptural techniques into my quilting style.

Art Life Lines

My artwork is inspired by my love of color and textiles. I create to express a feeling, convey a message, or provide visual and sensory stimulation for the viewer. I approach each quilt as a challenge to push the boundaries of what can be included on and in a quilt, and to expand someone's perception of what a quilt is.

Quilting has given me a medium to express my artistic skills, satisfy my creative needs, nurture my spirit, and share my creative gifts with the world.

My quilting journey has no destination . . .

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